Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Knits!

Jessa at Happy Knits

I recently returned from a trip to Portland, so you know what that means...I did some yarn shopping! I've written before what a great city Portland is for knitters. On this trip, I discovered a new yarn store to tell you about. It's called Happy Knits.
Happy Knits is my new favorite yarn store in Portland!
New Louisa Harding Yarn Range

I ventured in to Happy Knits and was greeted by the adorable Jessa (photo above). She was super friendly and gave me a fabulous tour of the shop.

I must say that Happy Knits is the most state-of-the-art yarn shop I have ever seen. They have a room just for hanging out and knitting set up with a computer for customers to use for Ravlery, etc.. There's even a wood burning stove for those cooler Portland temps. There's also a playroom for the kiddies and a separate (sound-proof) classroom.

Jessa told me that the shop just opened in February. There are so many yarn shops in Portland I was wondering how another one would survive. Happy Knits will survive for sure and probably give some of the older (out of date) shops a run for their money! I loved it's modern yet warm interior and friendly vibe. It's a well organized store and easy to shop.
Loads of Louisa Harding Yarn!
Well, another obvious reason why I loved Happy Knits is that they carry Louisa Harding yarns! The shop is well stocked with an array of Louisa's newer yarns.

I even got a raving yarn review while I was there. Jessa showed me a shop sample of her recently knit pretty summer top called Buttercup. She knit her version in Louisa's new Aimee yarn. Jessa told me that she really liked knitting with this yarn! Good to know since I haven't had a chance to try this yarn yet.

Louisa Harding Yarns at
Close Knit
I can't do a Portland review without mentioning my other two favorite stores in Portland:

Close Knit in the Alberta Arts District
Knit Purl in the Pearl District.

I always manage to snag a few great finds at both stores and love the friendly, expert service at both stores.

If you get a chance to visit Portland, I hope you visit my favorite shops and
be sure to tell them that Lisette in California sent you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inspired by the Sea

Newport Oregon

I'm a "true blue" California girl so... I love the ocean! The ocean's beautiful blues are often my color choice for my knitting projects.

My husband and I are "westcoastin' " vacationing on the Oregon coast. We are staying right on the beach in Newport, Oregon so I am inspired by the sea as ever!

Sea Waves Shawl

We spent the afternoon yesterday beachcombing. What a photo opportunity the beach provided for my Sea Waves Shawl. You can certainly see why I named it that...doesn't it look just like the color of the ocean waves?

My Sea Waves Shawl is Louisa Harding's design called Periwinkle. It is from her Beachcomber Bay book. Louisa grew up beachcombing so she loves the ocean and the beach just like me. In fact, quite a few of Louisa's books are photographed at the beach including her new summer books.

I Love 2 KNIT

We're at the beach for a few more days...
then we're off to the great yarn city of Portland!
You know what I'll be doing...don't you?