Saturday, February 9, 2013

Great Scot!

My Scottish Souvenir 

A souvenir from Scotland...

I've just finished knitting my Rose Red beret by 
Scottish designer, Ysolda Teague. 

 K1 Yarns Knitting Boutique

On holiday in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011,
I brought along a shopping list to buy Scottish Orkney Angora yarn so I could knit Ysolda’s Rose Red beret.  After a morning tour of Edinburgh Castle, I couldn't wait to find K1 Yarns Knitting Boutique and shop for yarn!  It was an easy find for a tourist..just off the Royal Mile in Old Town.

 Orkney Angora St Magnus DK

Oh, which color to choose for my Rose Red?  Ysolda's version in scarlet red is divine but since I don’t wear red, I naturally chose my favorite color turquoise instead.

Getting Started

The Rose Red pattern is knit from the top down beginning with an i-cord. It’s a bit fiddly at first on the double point needles but it gets easier every round. Since this is a lace and cable pattern, I used stitch markers for each lace repeat to help keep me on track.

My Rose Red

I loved knitting with this yarn, love Ysolda's pattern and love my Scottish souvenir!