Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Shawls!

New Summer books by Louisa Harding

My pashmina shawls are packed away now until next winter. I am ready now for summer shawls. I recently picked up three new Louisa Harding pattern books with stunning shawls that I can't wait to knit this summer!

It's easy to see why Louisa Harding is my favorite knitting designer. Her designs are always pretty and feminine with fashion flair! All three of her new books: Bijoux, Chinoiserie and Belle are all filled with beautiful designs, sure to please all knitters!

Here's a sneak peak at a few of the summer shawls inside Louisa's new books:


I fell in love with the Amber wrap the moment I saw it on the cover of the Bijoux book. The Bijoux book features 12 projects knit in Louisa Harding yarns Merletto and Jasmine. Amber can be knit as a summer wrap or as a smaller scarf as shown in the photo above.

Amber is at the top of my list for new summer projects!


Next we have Osprey from the beautiful Belle book. Belle features 12 projects in Louisa Harding's Mulberry Silk yarn. Osprey can also be knit as a wrap or a long scarf. I love that Louisa gives us this versatility with her designs.

There is a beautiful blue peacock color in Mulberrry silk. Now I just have to decide which Osprey to make...the wrap or the scarf?


Last we have a preview of Dragon from Louisa's Chinoiserie book. Chinoiserie features 25 projects in Louisa's new Aimee and Fleuris yarns. As the book title suggests, Louisa's inspiration for Chinoiserie came from design influences and her fascination with the Orient.

The lacey summer Dragon scarf is knit in Fleuris...and isn't it perfect for an enchanted evening?

Keeping up with Louisa!

I hope to begin knitting one of these new designs soon. For now I am having a hard time keeping up with Louisa. I am still enjoying knitting projects from her early books including her first books Gathering Roses.

It is my wish (and hope) to knit something in every Louisa Harding yarn (both current and discontinued). One thing I have learned as a flitter knitter with a few years of experience now....Louisa Harding never disappoints. Her patterns are always spot on, well written and turn out beautiful boutique results for intermediate knitters like me. Thank you Louisa!

***Images are from Louisa Harding books. Photography by her husband, Stephen Jessup.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Thank you to all the Mothers,
and Great Grandmothers who have taught us to knit!

My G.G. taught me to knit!

Knitting Tool Kit Bags

My Great Grandmother's pretty rose 1950's knitting tool kit
along side my modern day version by Cath Kidston.

My First Knit

This is the first piece that I knit with the help of my G.G. at 8 years old. Based on the snaps, I believe this little garment was intended for my Barbie doll!

My Great Grandmother
taught me to knit when I was 8 years old!

My G.G. (Great Grandmother) taught me to knit when I was 8 years old. I only knit with her for a few years because she passed away when I was ten.

I did not really knit again until in my forties. I know understand what an influence she had on me and my love for knitting. As a young girl of ten, I saved her knitting scraps, supplies, Boye metal needles and her crochet hooks and packed them away.

Awhile back I unpacked that box of my G.G's needlework supplies. I had forgotten about her pretty rose knitting tool kit filled with her tiny crochet hooks, tape measure and markers. What a coincidence that today I use a pretty rose bag for my tool kit, too. In my tool kit is my G.G.'s #00 Boye crochet hook...I use it whenever I need to pick up a dropped knit stitch.

I am so grateful that my G.G. taught me to knit.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!

Did you have a Happy May Day?

Did you wear a flower in your hair?

If you're a knitter I have the perfect flowers for your hair! They are called "Doll Ups Flowers" by Maggie Pace of Pick Up Sticks. These adorable felted flowers will "doll up" anything including your hair!

Doll Ups Flowers

I met Maggie Pace at Stitches West this year and purchased her adorable Doll Ups pattern and Small Balls yarn to make flower clips for my hair. (Maggie even took the time and hand selected my yarn colors for me!)

I love Maggie's style... and her "doll up" flowers. Don't they look like something cool you would find while shopping at a store like Anthropologie? I can't wait to make mine soon!

(Doll Ups Flowers Photo Credit Pick Up Sticks)