Friday, July 30, 2010

Art in Progress...

Let's Make Art

They say there’s an artist hidden in all of us and this scarf certainly proves it!

I've been wanting to dabble at this scarf technique for over a year now. Well, I finally had my chance to get "artsy" with silk and fiber tonight at Knitique's Needle Felted Scarf class. I've never had so much fun on a Friday night with fiber!

Needle Felted Silk Scarf

Danielle the owner of Knitique (and my knitting teacher) taught the class. She gave us fabulous tips and ideas on how to bring out our creativity from the artist within. Sorry but I can't give these tips'll just have to take the class!

This scarf is one of those projects that is really more fun done in a class environment or with a group of fiber friends. It was so neat to see each person's creativity and how unique everyone’s scarves turned out. All the scarves looked like they came from “high end” boutique stores!

The inspiration for my scarf came from all the scarves I love at Anthropologie.

For now, my scarf is art in progress....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Perfect Button!

Louisa Harding Aurora Flower

Button, Button, Who's got the Button...

Britex Fabrics in San Francisco has buttons. In fact, their 3rd floor has an entire wall devoted to buttons. For me, Britex is the place to go button shopping when you need to find that
"perfect button"!

The Perfect Button!

Last month I finished my Louisa Harding Aurora beret and it's adorable knit flower embellishment. I wanted to give my beret some vintage flair so I had planned on using a vintage earring for my flower's center. It looked pretty nice but somehow I knew I could do better.

I love my Louisa Harding projects so much I am often a fussbudget about their finishing details. I've learned as a knitter that the right details and embellishments really can elevate your knitting to more "boutique looking" results.

Britex Buttons

In one of my favorite books Knitting Little Luxuries , Louisa Harding writes about memories of her Grandmother's button box. Louisa encourages knitters to use found objects, buttons, flowers and ribbons to make their knitting projects unique. I took Louisa's advice and went searching for buttons.

Of course, I ended up button shopping at Britex Fabrics. Button shopping there can be overwhelming...there are so many buttons to choose from. Thank goodness, I brought my knit flower with me to help me make the right button choice. After about ten attempts at trying buttons, I finally found the "perfect button".

My "perfect button" is a lovely lavender glass Czeck button with vintage flair. It certainly looks as though it could have come right out of my very own Grandmother's button box!

I think Louisa Harding would approve!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's Go To A Trunk Show!

Let's Play Dress-Up!

Who doesn't love playing dress-up?

As a young girl (that's me on the far right) I loved to play dress-up!

Growing up my sister and I played dress-up with an old Army trunk filled with my Mom's childhood dance costumes and my Grandma's goodies.

Coco Knits Trunk Show

Well, today I am still playing dress-up only now it's at a different type of Trunk Show. I now love going to Designer Trunk Shows hosted by my favorite yarn stores.

Going to a Designer Trunk Show is really just like playing dress-up. Did you know you actually get to try on the designer's garments and determine if the garment design is right for you before you buy the pattern or knit it up? How fabulous is that?!

So, let's go to a Trunk Show....

Coco Knits Trunk Show

Designer Julie Weisenberger
of Coco Knits

Last night I attended a fabulous trunk show with Designer, Julie Weisenberger of Coco Knits.

I met Julie earlier in the year at Stitches West. Her booth was one of the busiest booths at Stitches. I fell in love with her patterns from her line Coco Knits.

Since Julie resides in the Bay Area, I decided to watch for events with her around the Bay. Well, last night was my chance to finally see her again with a Talk and Trunk Show hosted at Knitterly in Petaluma.


"I design stuff I would wear"

The evening began with a great introduction by Julie with her talk called What Not To Knit followed by her Trunk Show.

Julie has a fabulous fashion background and gave us all wonderful tips on how to knit for our body types and make our garments more flattering. With all her years of designing, she has wonderful knitting and fashion tips and was very generous to share them!

Coco Knits Patterns

The best part of a Trunk Show is not only do you get a chance to meet the Designer but you also get a chance to chat with them.

I couldn't wait to ask Julie if her company name had anything to do with Coco Chanel? Well to my does not! Julie said that when naming her company since all the typical knitting names/titles were already taken, she named her company Coco Knits for her love of chocolate.

How about that! I thought for sure it had a connection to Coco Chanel because I think her line is quite couture!


Knitterly in Petaluma is one of my favorite yarn stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's housed in a really cool historic brick building in the charming town of Petaluma. I love how the owner Shelli uses vintage props in her displays. Since I love vintage you know I love that.

This trip I noticed a really cool old French Baker's rack filled with lovely ribbons, trim, and buttons to embellish your knits. Shelly has a great selection of yarns and the largest selection of Habu Yarns that I have ever seen!

According to the Habu website, Coco Knits has at least six patterns to knit in Habu Yarns and Shelli does mail order!

If I lived in the North Bay this is the store I would hang out in!

Julie & Shelli

Thank you Shelli at Knitterly for hosting the Coco Knits event.

Thank you Julie for your advice and inspiration. I came home with four sweater patterns...for when the day comes that I finally do start knitting sweaters!