Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Be Collarful

 The Spring/Summer Issue

Spring has sprung and color is "popping up" everywhere. 
Also "popping up" this spring is my favorite knit wear designer, 
 in the new Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Vogue Knitting.

 Collarful Additions

Vogue Knitting says it best...

"A designer known for alluring adornments believes that flirty collars are just the thing for a spring transformation."

Since I love knitting Louisa's accessories,
I just had to buy this issue strictly for Louisa's collars!

 Be Collarful

On pages 46 and 47, 
you'll find Louisa's six beautiful collar patterns in the magazine.  With names like, Ruby, Tango, Victoria, Bubblegum, Ginger and Candy I couldn't help but think of other fabulous fashion eras when collars were all the rage.

The collars are detachable and perfect to add a "pop" of color to transform a cardigan or top into an instant fashion statement.  Louisa has designed them to use just one hank of her luxurious yarns.  

I'm a bit partial to the Ruby and Ginger collars since I love knitting with Louisa's Grace Hand Beaded and Mulberry Hand Beaded yarns.  

A Vintage Collar

Louisa's background was fashion and dressmaking before she became a knitwear designer.  I think her fashion background is always evident in her designs.  As for myself and fashion,  I love how fashion repeats itself.  

Fashionable collars were all the rage in the 1950's.   Recently my mom gave me her vintage beaded collar from the City of Paris department store in San Francisco, Ca.  As a teenager, my mom wore detachable collars on her cardigans all the time.  

Well, now I can't wait to add some vintage "fashion flair" to my wardrobe with Louisa's pretty collars.  I'll be knitting them for Christmas gifts as well...
how about you?