Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Vintage Fair Isle Vest

Esprit Fair Isle Vest it is my vintage 1980's Esprit Fair Isle vest!

My vest is still in practically new condition today. I think I only wore it a few times back in my college days. I must have really loved it since I saved it and packed it safely with my special scarves. Who knew I was a Fair Isle fan back then and didn't even know it!

I am definitely a Fair Isle Fan today. I am getting ready to embark on my first Fair Isle projects out of the latest Rowan Magazine # 46. I am nervous to knit Fair Isle, since I am a tight knitter and knit English throw style. I will be knitting my Fair Isle in the one-hand method.

If you have the new Fall/Winter 2009 Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine there is a great article and step by step instructions for both one-hand and two-hand methods for Fair Isle knitting. The article called Fall for Fair Isle says "this colorwork technique is not difficult to master, requiring the use of only two hues in each row. After just a little practice, you'll be enchanted with the exquisite results." Sounds encouraging to me!

Esprit Label

Do you remember the Esprit label back in the 1970's and 80's? At my recent knitting guild's retreat in South Lake Tahoe, I brought up Fair Isle and my Esprit vest. My knitting friend Beth and I reminisced about how much fun it was back in the day shopping at the Esprit outlet in San Francisco. You could always count on a long line to get in the Esprit outlet. Those were the days!

And, just so you know, the moths can't get to my Fair Isle is 100% acrylic. I still love it though and hope to knit a classic British wool Fair Isle vest someday! For now, I will keep to my small Fair Isle projects mitts and a beret. Of course, I will let you know how I fair!


Anonymous said...

I had a black Esprit Fairisle boat neck sweater (from Macy's Jr dept) from the early 80's. Thanks for the memories! Jodi

Lisette said...

Hi Jodi...didn't we go to the Esprit outlet together or was it the Gunny Sax outlet in the city?

Sheila said...

Oh, I think you'll "fair" well:-). I can't wait to see what project you choose -

I think a fair isle workshop is due. Wasn't that hat that won at SLT beautifully done. My FI tends to bunch a bit...

lorna said...

This is a ligitimate excuse to have a little glass of'll help keep you loose and relaxed so your fair isle doesn't bunch! And wool will block all kinds of issues anyway.

I still have a couple of Gunny Sax dresses I think!

Jen said...

I'm visiting your blog for the first time and have to leave a comment after seeing this post. I was at my sister's house in Elk Grove for Thanksgiving and reminiscing about early outlet days at Esprit in the city was part of our conversation. Small world!