Friday, December 4, 2009

Skater Scarf & Frost Hat

Skater Scarf & Frost Hat

Just in time for winter....we have Louisa Harding's Skater Scarf & Frost Hat. This exclusive pattern is on the cover of the UK's December issue of Knitting. It just hit the US newsstands this week.

Louisa's lacey Skater Scarf is knit in Louisa's new Willow Tweed yarn in colors Stone and Aqua. Her Frost Hat is knit in her other new yarn Thistle in color Stone.

The Frost Hat is similar to one of my favorite hats in Louisa's Little Cake book called Featherbed which is also knit in Thistle. I already have Thistle in the gorgeous green Holly color. Now which pattern shall I knit?

So many lovely Louisa patterns and not enough time to knit them all in time for this winter season.

If you pick up the magazine, you can also join the fun with the Skater Scarf & Frost Hat KAL in the Louisa Harding group on Ravelry. Be sure to read the errata for the Frost Hat in the KAL group pages, too.

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Carolyn said...

When I first started knitting, I could never find cute scarf patterns. Now I see incredible scarves EVERYWHERE! I love the aqua scarf in your sidebar by the way. :)

heartgirl said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I put your day on my calendar, but I guess if I never look that doesn't help. I hope you had an enjoyable day. Happy Christmas! Diane