Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!

Did you have a Happy May Day?

Did you wear a flower in your hair?

If you're a knitter I have the perfect flowers for your hair! They are called "Doll Ups Flowers" by Maggie Pace of Pick Up Sticks. These adorable felted flowers will "doll up" anything including your hair!

Doll Ups Flowers

I met Maggie Pace at Stitches West this year and purchased her adorable Doll Ups pattern and Small Balls yarn to make flower clips for my hair. (Maggie even took the time and hand selected my yarn colors for me!)

I love Maggie's style... and her "doll up" flowers. Don't they look like something cool you would find while shopping at a store like Anthropologie? I can't wait to make mine soon!

(Doll Ups Flowers Photo Credit Pick Up Sticks)

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