Sunday, November 21, 2010

All I Want for a Sophie Digard Scarf!

A Collection of Curiosities & Indulgences

Dear Santa Baby,

All I want for Christmas is a Sophie Digard scarf. 

(Preferably a blue one...hint hint!)

 Sophie Digard Scarf

I am in love with Parisian designer Sophie Digard's needle work.

On a recent visit to charming Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, I stumbled upon an adorable boutique called Piccolo.  Piccolo is filled with all sorts of curiosities and indulgences.  (That's even printed on their business card!)

Being a knitter, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful crochet and knit accessories on display in Piccolo.  The moment I saw the beautiful crochet scarf, I knew it had to be a Sophie Digard.  I was right.

I had admired Sophie's stunning scarves on the Internet.  I must report that they are even more lovely in person.  They are also very pricey...but if you're a needle worker you can certainly appreciate the amount of time and workmanship that goes into a scarf like Sophie's.  Her designs are beautiful floral crochet motifs crocheted in wispy and delicate yarns. 

Sophie Digard Purse

Sophie even has stunning purses!

Sophie's Work

I'm in awe of Sophie's work.

If Santa doesn't bring me a Sophie scarf, I guess I will have to become a more proficient crocheter!


Andrea... said...

Stunning...I will definately check out her other work. Learn to crochet - it is easy and there is so much stuff online to help :)

Andrea... said...

PS I hope you get your wish x