Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Bling

Holiday Bling!

I think all scarves deserve a little holiday "bling"!

I had so much fun visiting little vintage boutique shops yesterday "on the hunt" for some holiday "bling" for my hand-knit scarves.  Look what I found!

You can read all about some of my favorite boutiques on my other blog Tete-a-Tete.  These pins were found yesterday in Old Fair Oaks Village.  The top pin is a vintage Albert Weiss rhinestone pin that I snagged at Wink and the wire flower pins are from Bungalow

I love the unique wire and beaded floral pins.  Kim the owner of Bungalow doesn't think the artist is making them anymore.  I can see why...the wire crochet work is so delicate it must be quite hard on one's hand to create them.  Sorry ladies...I snagged Bungalow's last two pins so there are no more of these to be found. 

Now I'm off to peak at my Mom's and Grandma's jewelry boxes for more holiday "bling" for my knits.  I bet if you look inside your family's jewelry boxes you can find some holiday "bling", too! 

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