Friday, June 3, 2011

Ooh, I Could Do That!


I am so inspired! 

I just returned home from the most wonderful holiday (vacation) in
England, Edinburgh, Scotland and Paris, France. 

Let me tell you...I saw so many cute shops and came home with so many crafty ideas! 

I took lots of notes and photographs that I will be able to share with you.

For now, I must tell you about the most adorable new craft magazine in the UK...

Feeling Crafty

Mollie Makes premiered in the U.K. on May 12th and is flying off the shelves.  I know why. 

This magazine has a modern "fresh-look" and "vintage-charm" to appeal to "hip" crafters all over the world. 

 Mollie's motto...
Living & Loving Handmade. 

Mollie Makes is all about:  making, thrifting, collecting and crafting.  Right up my alley!

Here is a peak inside the magazine:

 Apple Jackets

How d'you like them apples?

Aren't these crochet apple jackets adorable?  I love their sweet vintage colors.  They are crocheted in Cotton DK yarn.

Mollie says " this is a very simple pattern using the most basic of crochet stitches". 

Being more of a knitter, I think even I could crochet these.  How about you?

 Dress Guard

I love to wear skirts
so how cute it this dress guard for riding your bike in your favorite summer skirt!

This is actually a crochet product featured in the magazine
by a Netherlands company, Simeli. 

There is no country in the world which pays so much attention to dress guards as the Netherlands does. 

I would love to see this trend take off in America...
I think my knitting friend Sheila could start it
since she rides her bike everywhere!

Knitted Bunting

I spotted buntings (banners) all over England. 

With the Royal Wedding still a buzz, there were Union Jack buntings everywhere.  I almost bought one until I read the label and saw that is was outsourced and made in China. 

I would rather have a hand-made bunting...hey, there are plenty on Etsy.  Or better yet, I can knit one like this adorable knitted bunting idea from Jane Brocket's new book The Gentle Art of Knitting

Mollie Makes is set to arrive in the US on June 9th in limited supply.  The first two issues appear to be sold out since new subscriptions begin now with Issue 3.  I think I better go sign up for a subscription.

Thank you, Laura!

I must say "thank you" to Laura the owner of the adorable yarn shop Wool in Bath, England. 

Thanks to Laura, I discovered Mollie Makes with a copy she had in her shop.

I went to the local book store in Bath and it was already sold out.  I went back to Wool and Laura referred me to another adorable shop in Bath, The Makery which had a few copies left.

I wish I could have stayed longer in Bath, England...
both shops were delightful. 


Voie de Vie said...

Sounds like you had inspiring good fun!

Paris had tons of inspiring design magazines, so I can see how you got hooked. While I do like the apple cozies, not sure I'd want to make one (I'd rather eat the apple!). And there are bike guard projects on Ravelry similar to the awesome one you feature. Don't you love when function intersects so well with great design?!!!

Tina said...

The bike guard has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

I love the magazine you found in the UK and will see if I can find it here. Maybe at Barnes & Noble?

Sheila said...

Love the bike guard! The apple cozies remind me of a fun project we did a couple of years ago... although, I like these colors better.

Sounds like a great magazine. Good find!

Sarah said...

How nice to find some completely different mags than we usually see here. That is exciting that one of them will be coming to the shelves here soon. I will keep an eye out for it.

Teresap said...

Have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your travels both here and over on your other blog. I loved the photos of you having tea especially in your knitted loveliness!Can't wait to see what creative ideas your trips will have inspired.