Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm Cable Ready!

 Melissa Leapman

I'm cable ready now...
thanks to Melissa Leapman
her Cable Ready class that I took today.

Melissa flew all the way out from New York City
exclusively for two days of classes for my knitting guild,

I must say,
designer events and classes
are a wonderful perk of belonging to my local TKGA guild.

 Cable Ready

I really liked Melissa's relaxed teaching style.
She has a simple and straightforward approach
to explaining things. 

For her Cable Ready class,
she broke down the basics
 and taught us to knit with charts. 

 She told us,
 "Charts show the way the resulting fabric will look
 and you can knit faster".

 Heart Cable

In our class,
she taught us two simple cable maneuvers (with 4 stitches)
that resulted in mastering the
honeycomb, braid and rope cable motif. 

 Thanks to Melissa's instruction,
I did all my class cable exercises by chart
(a first for me). 
I'm pretty excited to be able to knit cables now by charts.

Melissa also taught us how to knit heart cables,
two-colored cables
and gave us some color stranding tips, too.

The best part of taking a designer's class...
is all the tips and tricks you pick up from them!

Melissa's Books

During class,
I had a chance to ask Melissa a few questions.

She learned to crochet at the age of 4.

She is a "self taught" knitter
who taught herself to knit in high school.
She attributes that to her teaching style. 

She is an east coast gal who ended up in New York in college
 and stayed in New York City.  Lucky her!

Her latest book Stashbuster Knits has just hit the shelves
and she has exciting things planned for the future.
(Sorry I can't tell you about them now.)
You can though keep up with Melissa and her latest news
on her Facebook page.

Melissa is a popular instructor at Stitches events around the US
 and other venues. 
 Take her classes if you ever have a chance! 

It was a pleasure to meet Melissa today
and learn more about cables.
I can truly say...
I'm cable ready now!

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