Saturday, March 24, 2012


Recovery Therapy

These days, 
knitting books are my therapy.

My hand is recovering well from my surgery
 which was just one week ago.
I am finding it quite difficult to be idle, though.

It seems, 
that when you can't knit...
all you want to do is,

I think it will be about a month before I can knit again.  
In the meantime, 
the best therapy is turning out to be knitting books.

I'm enjoying going through my "dog-eared" knitting books 
and planning my next projects.  
I'm also finding my down time 
a perfect opportunity to treat myself to a few new books.


At the top of my book list is Louisa Harding's 
new spring/summer pattern book
  Aster .

My Ravelry pen pal Teresa in England has 
 agreed to join me for a knit-along  
with Louisa's gorgeous new Delicia scarf
from the Aster book.
The Delicia scarf is knit in Louisa's luxurious silk yarns,
Mulberry and her new Mulberry Hand Beaded yarn. 

Teresa has a jump start on me and has already ordered her yarns.  
So, now I'm off to find my book and yarns.
Planning such a beautiful new spring project...
is perfect therapy.

(Delicia scarf image from Louisa Harding's Aster book,
 photo credit: Stephen Jessup.)


Min said...

I hope it is better soon. What a great way to continue your love of knitting. I broke my hand a couple of years ago and had surgery and then 10 months of occupational therapy. Not knitting was not fun and for me getting back to it was painful and uncomfortable.

But it's so much better now and I treated myself to super soft beautiful yarn once I could get back to it. It was a reward for my patience. I still have days when I can't knit or my hand feels like it belongs to someone else - but I can always fondle yarn.

Teresa said...

Hi Lisette - hope your hand is getting better - not having much success with my wool order as the Mulberry hand beaded is delayed getting into the UK so like you I have to wait patiently for things to improve but it is making me all the more keen for our kal;-)