Friday, June 21, 2013

Catching up!

 Charm Gloves

Did you join the Louisa Harding Charm glove knit-along?  I've been busy the past few days playing  "catch up" to everyone else's progress in the knit-along.  This has been a busy month for me since I've been in the middle of moving and demoing a kitchen.  

Stockinette & Lace

I'm on track now though to get my gloves finished by the knit-along's June 30th deadline.  Once you get the Charm gloves on your needles you can probably knit them up in just a few days.  The cable cuff section takes a bit of concentrating but then the lace and stockinette section knits up really fast.  I'm knitting these gloves for a Christmas gift and the best part about a knit-along is that you are encouraged to finish your project within a specified time frame.  Perfect for me, a flitter knitter!

I highly recommend this project from Louisa's Three Graces book.  There's just over a week left to complete the gloves during the if you hurry I bet you could get a pair finished, too!


Ann KnittingFever said...

Looks like you're making great progress!

I agree that the cuff was the long part, but the hands flew.

Fiona said...

Love your gloves - can't wait to see them finished, will pop over to Ravelry and check up on you!

joyanto das said...
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