Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cakes & Purls

 Masse's Pastries

Cakes and Purls...what a cute name for a yarn store!

A few months back, I checked out a few newer yarn stores in Berkeley, California that I had never been to before.  And, yes, there is a yarn store in Berkeley called Cakes and Purls.  

 Claddagh Yarns

My first stop was  Claddagh Yarns.  This cute little shop is nestled in a North Berkeley neighborhood known as Gourmet Ghetto.  If you're curious about why this area is called Gourmet Ghetto...well, it's home to nearby Chez Panisse along with other fabulous food stores, the original Peets Coffee, bakeries and restaurants.  

Claddagh Yarns is owned by Amanda Fernandez and she opened the shop back in September 2013.  The shop is small  but carries great yarn stock from Debbie Bliss, Noro, Malabrigo and Imperial Yarn Ranch to name a few.   There were some lovely knitted samples on display that really caught my eye.  This little shop is worth seeking out.

Whenever I find myself in Gourmet Ghetto, a must stop is Masse's Pastries.  They have the most delicious pastries, cakes and French macarons!  The owner Marcia Masse is so personable.  We have chatted about Paris, Paris by Mouth and red currants on more than one occasion.

Cakes and Purls

 My last stop of the day was Cakes and Purls.  I love this concept of a yarn cafe where you can "sit and knit" and have your cake,too!

Cakes and Purls is owned by Maria Sitaro.  She holds a degree in Pastry Arts and combined her love of fiber by opening Cakes and Purls.  The shop is roomy and there are plenty of tables and chairs to meet your knitting friends here and enjoy a little cake and purls.  

Ashley Flower Headband

While visiting Cakes and Purls I was drawn to a yummy cashmere yarn and pattern by Pepperberry Knits. I purchased a yummy skein of their cashmere yarn in color Posies and knit Pepperberry's adorable Ashley Flower Headband for a gift.  It's always fun to discover new yarns and new yarn stores.  And yes, for the record, I left Cakes and Purls with a couple of cupcakes, too!


Teresa Parkins said...

It's what I imagine all we knitters dream of Lisette - cakes and purls! My nearest yarn and cake shop is in the beautiful medieval wool town of Lavenham but it is a bit of a drive away. Just as well really as I could easily become their best customer!
I love your new project - I wondered if it was to be a gift as it is neither blue nor teal but nevertheless very beautiful.

Lisette Davis said...

Teresa, Yes, I agree, we knitters love our cake and purls! The flower headband was a gift for a college girl for her first trip abroad to Amsterdam. I do want to knit one for myself in blue or teal though!