Monday, May 11, 2009

Felted Soap or Soap in a Coat!

Soap in a Coat!

Have you ever heard of "soap in a coat"? I know it sounds like a Dr. Seuss book but it is actually a bar of soap wrapped inside a felted wool coat. What a clever idea!

Recently I was shopping at Anthropologie and the colorful felted soaps by Fiat Luxe ($14.00) caught my eye. I just love to window shop at Anthropolgie. I always come a way with a neat idea or some crafty inspiration! This time I came away with the idea to make my own "soap in a coat"!

Turns out this is not such a new idea. There is plenty of information on the Internet to give this clever craft a try. I found a great tutorial on HGTV's That's Clever by gravel artist Suzanna Anna. You can even see her on You Tube creating her "soap in a coat"!

I love hand made soaps and I've recently done wool felting so I am ready to give this a try! The only supplies you really need are a bar of soap, some wool batting and roving. Once it is made the felted wool acts like a wash cloth around the soap. I can't help but wonder though...will the "soap in a coat" smell like wet wool on a rainy day???


Knitique Girl said...

I've done this before. We'll have to have a class next month. When you use really good soap, it's even better. You can do it for a 90th of the cost.

Lisette said...

Hey Knitique Girl,

I thought of you when I saw these at Anthropologie because I know you are a great soap maker, too.

A class at Knitique would be so much fun! Get one scheduled!

sheila said...

sounds like a great project! when do we start?

Lisette said...

Hi Shelia,

Knitique might have a class for us to try making soap on a coat! I'll keep you posted!

Annie said...

I have never heard of this... does it really work? If you make some, please post about the results so I can find out! thanks!

Lisette said...

Hi Annie,

My LYS Knitique is going to have a class on it soon. The owner has made it before so yes it works!

I will post about the soaps after the class.