Monday, May 25, 2009

Poking Around a Button Show!

Rare & Lovely Antique Buttons

Button, button...who's got the button!

My friend Lorna invited me to a button show yesterday. As a designer, Lorna often incorporates vintage buttons in her designs. I love her vintage-style knit hand bags that she embellishes with vintage lace, trims and buttons.

The button show was the California State Button Show in Sacramento, Ca. This was my first time at button show. I naturally fell in love with all the antique French buttons. Ooh, la, la...some were as pricey as $450.00 a button!

$10.00 Poke Button Tray

Most of the button dealers had "button poke" trays. Neither of us knew what a "button poke" was so we asked a dealer. A "button poke" is where you poke around a tray for buttons and the price shown is how much each button is. The button poke trays ranged from $1.00 a poke all the way up to $30.00 a poke.

We lucked out and found a dealer with button poke trays selling 3 buttons for a $1.00! Lorna poked around for all the purple buttons and I poked around for all the blue buttons. Poking for buttons was addicting. The next thing we was way past lunchtime.

Blue Buttons

I loved shopping for the pretty blue buttons!

Lorna button shopping!

Lorna shopping for purple buttons!
(Check out her vintage-style purse design on the button table!)

Next time the button show comes to town, I am going to be organized and bring my yarns and swatches for my current knitting projects. There were so many fabulous buttons it was rather overwhelming.

A button show is fun and a great resource for knitters. Be sure to check out a button show if one comes to your area!

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heartgirl said...

Wow - when you said you went to a button show I figured it was in SF. Right here in Sacramento who'd a thunk it!! When we were in Florence Italy last year one of the museums had a special showing on 16th and 17th century buttons and other incredible misc. clothing. It was so much fun to look at. I can imagine the button show would have been a lot of fun. You take great pictures - makes me just want to dig my hands in. I'll have to make a point to go to the next one.