Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's Go To A Trunk Show!

Let's Play Dress-Up!

Who doesn't love playing dress-up?

As a young girl (that's me on the far right) I loved to play dress-up!

Growing up my sister and I played dress-up with an old Army trunk filled with my Mom's childhood dance costumes and my Grandma's goodies.

Coco Knits Trunk Show

Well, today I am still playing dress-up only now it's at a different type of Trunk Show. I now love going to Designer Trunk Shows hosted by my favorite yarn stores.

Going to a Designer Trunk Show is really just like playing dress-up. Did you know you actually get to try on the designer's garments and determine if the garment design is right for you before you buy the pattern or knit it up? How fabulous is that?!

So, let's go to a Trunk Show....

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Sheila said...

Looks like fun! So did you choose Sabine? What else?????... Can't wait to see your new patterns!