Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Perfect Button!

Louisa Harding Aurora Flower

Button, Button, Who's got the Button...

Britex Fabrics in San Francisco has buttons. In fact, their 3rd floor has an entire wall devoted to buttons. For me, Britex is the place to go button shopping when you need to find that
"perfect button"!

The Perfect Button!

Last month I finished my Louisa Harding Aurora beret and it's adorable knit flower embellishment. I wanted to give my beret some vintage flair so I had planned on using a vintage earring for my flower's center. It looked pretty nice but somehow I knew I could do better.

I love my Louisa Harding projects so much I am often a fussbudget about their finishing details. I've learned as a knitter that the right details and embellishments really can elevate your knitting to more "boutique looking" results.

Britex Buttons

In one of my favorite books Knitting Little Luxuries , Louisa Harding writes about memories of her Grandmother's button box. Louisa encourages knitters to use found objects, buttons, flowers and ribbons to make their knitting projects unique. I took Louisa's advice and went searching for buttons.

Of course, I ended up button shopping at Britex Fabrics. Button shopping there can be overwhelming...there are so many buttons to choose from. Thank goodness, I brought my knit flower with me to help me make the right button choice. After about ten attempts at trying buttons, I finally found the "perfect button".

My "perfect button" is a lovely lavender glass Czeck button with vintage flair. It certainly looks as though it could have come right out of my very own Grandmother's button box!

I think Louisa Harding would approve!


Cheryl said...

It IS perfect!

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Sheila said...

Love the button! Looks great and sounds like you girls had a wonderful time in the city. - I just read your other blog... darn it! I missed a great give-away :-( I'll have to read these more frequently. c u soon :-)