Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fade to Grey

Fade To Grey

Spring is just around the corner and I'm still knitting as fast as I can from my favorite fall and winter books. 

Fade to Grey by Louisa Harding has been my favorite book from this fall/winter season.  Fade to Grey is filled with 14 pretty projects all knit in Louisa's luxurious Grace and Grace Hand Dyed yarns. 

Wondering where Louisa's inspiration came for this book?  I was curious myself so I asked Louisa.  Louisa told me...

"The title is taken from a song called Fade to Grey by a UK pop band "Visage" which was released in 1980.  The song conjures up memories of my teenage years."

"I wanted the book to be about that teenage spirit."

I certainly think Louisa captured that youthful spirit with Fade to Greys pretty "girly" projects.  Louisa hopes this book appeals to knitters of all ages and all abilities. 

Sophie Gloves

I adore all the projects in Fade to Grey.  My favorite is the Sophie fingerless glove pattern.  Mine are knit in Grace Hand Dyed, color 17.  I receive rave compliments anytime I wear them.  I am so proud to say that I knit them because they really look like they came from a fashionable boutique. 

This is a pattern, I will be knitting over and over again.  I just love them!


I love Louisa's trademark rosette. 

I actually learned how to make my first Louisa Harding rosette from Louisa herself!  (How lucky am I?) That was back in January 2009 when I met Louisa and took her Juliet scarf class, here on the West Coast.

I love that the Sophie gloves and Millie beret feature a Louisa rosette adorned with buttons.  I always have so much fun going button shopping for my Louisa projects. My Sophie glass buttons have a vintage patina but are actually new buttons.

Grace Hand Dyed

For a Louisa Harding fan like me, it is hard to select a favorite yarn of hers.  I really love them all.  Right now though my reigning favorite is her Grace and Grace Hand Dyed yarn.  It's silk and wool fiber combination is a dream to knit with. 

My next project to cast on is Louisa's Millie beret.  I better get going on it because I know there will be so many more projects that I'll want to knit in her new upcoming spring/summer books!

I'm knitting as fast as I can and I just can't keep up with the fabulous Louisa Harding!  How about you?


Voie de Vie said...

Lovely mitts!

Yes, I'm still knitting (and crocheting) as fast as I can ... but I'll never be able to keep up with every new pattern I'd like to make. :)

Ruth said...

Very pretty! Louisa is the best!

knittingsal said...

These are so beautiful. After reading your post, I had to go and buy the book, and I have knitted myself a pair. Beautiful. Thanks.

Sarah said...

I love the mitts! The flower is a lovely detail, especially with the pretty button center.