Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

It's May Day...

Pretty flowers are everywhere!

Hand Knit Flowers

I love flowers and my favorite flowers to knit are Louisa Harding's fabulous Rosette pattern. 

I learned how to make Louisa's Rosette from Louisa herself in a 2009 workshop.  She has designed such a clever flower and Louisa herself says "it looks like crochet but it's all knit". 

Louisa uses variations of her signature Rosette in many of her designs.  The design always knits up beautifully and it's fun to watch it transform using Louisa's many different yarns

I love how Louisa's Rosette pattern "pops up" in her books as an embellishment.  My favorite Rosettes can be found in these Louisa Harding books:

I not only love these Rosettes to embellish my knits but now I'm attaching a brooch back with a pin and an alligator clip so I can wear them in my hair, too.

Thanks to Louisa Harding and Knitting Daily, you can find her Rosette and Juliet scarf pattern here and her Poppy Rosette pattern here

So since it's May Day...

Knit a pretty Rosette
and wear it in your hair!


Sarah said...

They are beautiful and I love the way you photographed them too!

Ann said...

Lovely flowers. And such pretty buttons, too.