Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That Sweater!

Kate Middleton's
Angora Cropped Sweater

They say...
 "Fashion Repeats Itself".

I have a feeling that Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen found some vintage inspiration in designing Kate Middleton's Angora Cropped Sweater!

If you're a knitter, you couldn't help but love that Kate wore a knit angora sweater with her second outfit for the Royal Wedding reception.

I love vintage fashion and collect vintage knitting patterns. 

Here are a few vintage patterns that perhaps were inspiration for Kate's cropped angora sweater.  They just might  inspire you to knit your own "that sweater".

Vintage Angora Boleros

1930's or 1940's
Angora Cropped Sweater

1950's or 1960's
Angora Bolero

1970's or 1980's
Angora Cropped Bolero

If you prefer a modern-designed sweater bolero with  vintage flair, two of my favorite British knit-wear designers Louisa Harding and Debbie Bliss have designed them:

 Sabrina  and Muse by Louisa Harding
Cropped Cardi by Debbie Bliss


Voie de Vie said...

Love those vintage covers - that Patons shrug looks like it was designed last week!

I've had this one in my queue for, like, ever:

I'm going to make it. Yes, yes I am. :)

Jules said...

I love the idea of an angora sweater! Hers is wonderful, but your vintage patterns are some great examples, esp the 2nd one down. I know LH makes an angora yarn, but do you have any ideas for other sources? I haven't found that many. Not to be confused with mohair, which seems to abound (and would make a fine oversized 60s style raglan, IMO).

Ann said...

Good job finding patterns to replicate the famous angora one.

Everyone has been so gaga over it, I guess we'll be seeing lots of them this fall.

Sarah said...

After seeing Kate's angora top, I'm thinking I want to wear angora for my weddding in November.
My mom likes the idea too and are looking to get a white angora halter dress with a very pale yellow angora shrug like Kate's.
Does anyone know where to get an angora dress made?
TY Sarah

Lisette said...

Hi Sarah,
Check with your local yarn stores they often have experienced knitters who will do commissioned pieces. Good luck and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!