Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hooked on Mollie Makes!

 Mollie Makes Issue 3

I'm hooked on Mollie Makes

Mollie Makes Issue 3
has just arrived in the US this week. 

 Sunshine Flowers

I love Issue 3 and all its projects.

I'm picking the cute crochet flowers by Carmen Heffernan as my favorite project in this issue.   Her Sunshine Flowers are featured on the cover and she gives a tutorial in the magazine on how to make them.  Oooh, I can't wait to give them a try and start crocheting flowers! 

Carmen works from her home in the lovely Irish countryside.
She has the most colorful and adorable flower shop on Etsy.
Go have a'll be inspired!

 Sunshine Bag

How cute is this Sunshine Bag?

 I would love to make one in a Liberty of London floral print fabric..wouldn't you? 

 Mollie Makes says "its roomy enough to fit your whole life into (including your craft stash). 

I haven't really sewn anything since junior high so I think I better sign up for sewing lessons.  Although Mollie says...this is a cinch to make.  So I guess, I just have to borrow my sister's sewing machine.

 Flower Power

I've always loved making flowers. 

As a young girl in the 1970's, I used to make dip film flowers all the time.  Remember those?

Today, I'm obsessed with making flowers to adorn clothes and accessories.  So naturally, I adore the article We Heart Flower Corsages.  There are four flower corsage patterns all made out of cotton fabrics.

These flowers look pretty easy to make so I can't wait to get crafty and make a few.

Tea Time!

And, of course, since Mollie Makes is British...
you know there is bound to be a thing or two about tea in the magazine.

I love reading about all the craft cafes and shops in the UK where you can sit and knit
or craft and have tea and cake. 

This issue features a beautiful English wedding with a vintage tea theme.  There are lots of pretty photographs that are bound to inspire you to pull out your Grandma's tea cups
and have an afternoon tea party! 

Yay, for Mollie Makes!

I absolutely love Mollie Makes. 

I can't wait for Issue 4 and its adorable felt biscuits on the cover.
All the UK Mollie Makes fans are already saying...
 "it's the best issue yet"!

(In the photos:  vintage crochet motifs and my great-grandmother's crochet hook were used when I styled the photos.)


Teresap said...

I've been enjoying Mollie Makes on my ipad (sadly no freebies come with it though!) and it has a lovely fresh, breezy feeling to it which makes you feel very inspired. Looking forward to seeing your future Mollie Makes projects which, I know, will have a beautiful Lysette touch to them;-)

Sarah said...

What a joyful magazine! How is your crochet coming along? Crochet has always bewildered me, but sometime I need to stick with it with some instruction.