Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elinor's Tea Gloves

 Miss Elinor's Tea Gloves

...because a Lady can never have too many gloves 
for afternoon tea!

 Sense & Fashion Handwarmers

I just finished my first project from 
the 2011 Jane Austen Knits magazine.
I've named my tea gloves after my favorite character 
in Jane Austen’s 
Sense & Sensibility.

The pattern is actually called 

I'm just sure the designer, Hannah Poon
had Miss Elinor in mind when she designed them!
Can't you just imagine,
Elinor wearing these handwarmers
when Edward Ferrars stops by the Barton Cottage
for a visit and tea. 

 Time for Tea!

I was immediately drawn to this pattern in the magazine. 

I love their lacy design 
and that they are perfect to wear to afternoon tea.

I also love that they are knit in Louisa Harding's 
which just happens to be one of my favorite yarns
and is always in my stash! 

The pattern is very well written 
and consists of a four-row lace pattern repeat.
They are a wonderful one-skein project and only require 
one ball (110 yards) of Grace Silk & Wool yarn.

The Designer says:
"Both handwarmers can be knitted in an afternoon."

I think it's a bit more realistic to take two afternoons to knit them
(which I did)
allowing for proper hand/finger rests 
and tea breaks, of course.

Jane Austen Knits 

Applause to Interweave on such a lovely publication,
Jane Austen Knits. 
The magazine not only has 35 Austen-inspired projects but 
also lovely articles on 
Jane Austen (1775-1817)
and the 
Regency Period. 

If by chance,
you don't have the magazine,
Interweave just announced that you can purchase 
the patterns from the magazine online now.  

I just know, 
Miss Jane Austen 
would delight in all this fuss over her!


Jules said...

Sooo beau-tee-ful! How come I didn't see these in Jane Austen Knits? I'm going to have to get my copy out and take a closer look... Yours are lovely in Louisa's Grace.

Mousewife said...

I am so glad you enjoyed knitting them!! :) I designed them while watching Sense and Sensibility, so yes, I did have Miss Dashwood in mind for them.

Lisette said...

Thank you Julie...
yes, you must knit them! xx

Lisette said...

So thrilled that you read my post about your handwarmers!
I love your pattern and can't wait to knit another pair!
I love knowing now that you designed them while watching Sense & Sensibility! xx