Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hail Britannia!

 Hail Britannia!

You don't have to be a Brit
to be excited about the 
Queen's Diamond Jubilee!  
I'm quite excited and plan on celebrating
 with tea parties and luncheons

I had planned on knitting Debbie Bliss' Union Jack flag
and her retro Tea Cozy  for my Jubilee tea parties.  
Unfortunately due to my ganglion cysts and hand surgery, my knitting projects of the last six months have been put on hold. 

In the meantime, 
since I'm not knitting much,
I have enjoyed seeing the Diamond Jubilee 
patterns that have debuted in the past few months.  
I thought I would share a few of my favorites. 
Here they are:

 Diamond Stole

I adore lace 
and love Susan Crawford's Diamond Stole
It's one of 14 designs in Susan's Coronation Knits 
collection featuring designs inspired from 
Queen Elizabeth's 1950's Coronation era.

Jubilee Bunting

No Jubilee celebration is complete unless you have bunting!
I love this Jubilee Bunting pattern
 by Gemma Atkinson 
for Rowan.
And, it's a free pattern!

Jubilee Placemat

Naturally, the British knitting magazines have special 
Jubilee projects in them. 
I love this Jubilee Placemat 
from the UK's The Knitter, Issue 45.  

I love the placemat's photo styling, too.  
I would love to sit down at that table for an English breakfast!


And, in case you're wondering about my adorable 
"Knittania" Union Jack tea mug...
my Ravely pen pal Jo sent it to me 
all the way from England
 to "cheer me up" after hand surgery.  

If you love knitting and Britain like me,
you can find the Knitannia tea mugs by Mason Cash
 at Lakeland

Hail Britannia!

(Photo Credits:  Diamond Stole/Susan Crawford, Jubilee Bunting/Rowan 
and Jubilee Placemat, The Knitter.)

(In the photos:  Brick Stitch Tea Cozy hand-knit by me and Union Jack bunting by Betty and Barclay

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