Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Knitting a Mini Jubilee Bunting!

Tea & Jubilee 

The May issues of the British knitting magazines
 have finally landed in the States.
I've been watching for them since I knew they would be filled with Jubilee goodies
and sure enough they are!

Mini Jubilee Bunting

I was so inspired by the magazines 
that I'm now (last minute) knitting a mini-bunting 
to adorn my Diamond Jubilee tea party table. 
I hated to miss out on all the Jubilee knitting 
so this little project is one I can tackle 
as my hand and fingers continue to heal.

I'm knitting my bunting with a Jubilee Celebration Yarn kit
that came as a "free gift" with the  Let's Knit magazine, issue 54.
There are patriotic projects for the yarn in the magazine but after seeing the adorable 
 mini-buntings by Nicole at Nicole and the bee
I opted to use my yarn kit for a mini-bunting like hers. 
You can find the pattern on Ravelry called Knitted Bunting
and modify it to a mini size, like Nicole did.

I also love Jane Brocket's knit Bunting 
and borrowed her style idea
 by putting my knit bunts on red rick-rack 
for a vintage1950's look.  
Quite fitting I think, since after all, 
Queen Elizabeth was crowned Queen in 1952 
and had her Coronation in 1953. 

 Jubilee Knits

All three British magazines are filled with brilliant
Jubilee projects including:
 Union Jack flag and cushion, several crown hats, corgi hat, a crochet picnic throw, several buntings, pom pom tea cosy, Jubilee coin purse, egg cosy and a placemat just to name a few.

 And all the magazines came with free gifts.
I love that about British magazines! 

Cool Knitannia

The Simply Knitting magazine came with a free pattern book called
"Cool Knitannia".
I can't wait to knit that adorable tea cosy on its cover 
with crowns and hearts 
to use with my Emma Bridgewater pottery.

Gotta run for now though...
I'm off to knit more bunts. 

(In the photos:  Emma Bridgewater Pottery and Betty and Barclay Union Jack Bunting.)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear about the contents of the British knitting magazines. I have looked at them at Barnes and Noble but since they are in plastic I can't see what kinds of things are inside. I am intrigued by the free things though.

Lisette said...

If you visit the British knitting magazine websites, I think you should be able to see a peak at their contents/projects. Happy Jubilee knitting!

Sarah said...

I love the bunting!! Thanks for letting me know the mags are out here--I must go get a few. I want to make a fun tea cozy one of these days and now the bunting is on my to do list as well!

Sarah said...

How did you attach the bunting? Did you use the eyelets or sew it on? I might try to make some while James is napping. They will be good for July 4th too!

Lisette said...

Hi Sarah,
I used Wright's medium size rick rack in scarlet and hand sewed each bunt on with red thread.
Can't wait to see yours on Ravelry or your blog!
Lisette xx

Sarah said...

Thanks for letting me know what you did! I decided it would take too long to get Rick rack this time so when I had 7 flags made up I used the blue yarn to string them with I cord. I did the attached I cord which was good because I'd been wanting to try it/learn how for quite awhile! I'll try to get a pic soon. I didn't do any blocking but I could at some point when I have a little more time. It's exciting to have an FO after so long!