Friday, October 19, 2012

We did it!

Louisa Harding Fund Raiser Event

My Louisa Harding Fund Raiser 
at Knitique, A Yarn Boutique on October 5, 2012 
was a smashing success!  

Drum roll please...
I am thrilled to report that the event raised just over 
1,000 Great British Pounds 
which is just over $1,600.00 US Dollars

It was a party!

Thanks to Danielle Bowen and her Knitique customers,
the hat kits sold-out and I exceeded my personal fund raising goal for Macmillan!  The Knitique ladies embraced the Himalayan Hiking Hat kits and Louisa's story. 

The evening was filled with fun, prizes, cupcakes and my heart-felt talk about Louisa Harding and her Himalayan Hiking Hat story.  Louisa wrote a personal letter for me to read that evening and I would like to share this excerpt:

"And to those of you attending this evening...
I would like to thank all you amazing knitters for supporting this event and helping me toward my fundraising goal with your very generous donations.

As most of you will know by now about my fundraising trip to Nepal and the reason behind it, but I just wanted to add that until cancer touches your family in a very immediate way you have no idea of the support network you need to help you.  When my husband Stephen was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Macmillan Cancer Support played a very important and vital educational role for me alongside the comfort that came from family and friends. 

A few months ago I was talking with my really lovely friend Debbie (Bliss), asking her if she would write a little piece in her magazine about my fundraising.  "Of course", she replied and added, "I think it is so important that knitters realize that we are real women with real life situations, juggling our family and working lives just as they do."  

And we are real women juggling just as you do, that is why I appreciate your support tonight."
Louisa Harding

I also shared my personal story, connecting my favorite designer Louisa Harding to Danielle (and Knitique) and how cancer has touched my immediate family as well.  The evening was so much more than just raising an incredible amount of money for Macmillan Cancer Support.  It was also about supporting and honoring the women in our lives who inspire us and make a difference in our lives. 

Raffle Prize Winners!

And, of course, there were prizes!
Thanks to the generous donations from Interweave Books and Knitique, A Yarn Boutique
we had a fun raffle prize drawing with fabulous prizes which alone raised $168.00!

Danielle & Lisette 

Louisa wrote a thank you to Danielle and I on Ravelry:

An amazing total Lisette and Danielle and the 
fantastique "Knitique Boutiquer's",
thank you all for being so supportive and generous.  
With love and thanks,

Dear Louisa,
It was our pleasure!

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Voie de Vie said...

Lizette, the event looks like it was such fun, and congratulations on a great total fundraised! Good on you and all the ladies!