Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hats Off!

Donation Drive Hats

Hats off to Knitting Fever for their donation drive collecting warm goods for Hurricane Sandy victims!

After Hurricane Sandy my husband and I gave a donation immediately to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief.  As a knitter though, one can't help but want to send warmth like a nice warm hat.  As I said before, I have to limit my knitting time due to hand surgery earlier this year but I can certainly shop for hats!

Yesterday I went shopping for mens hats to send back East for Knitting Fever's donation drive.  I found 13 cool beanies at Tuesday Morning.  They were $15.00 hats for only a $1.99 each!  They are easy-care acrylic which is best for this type of donation.  I am packing them up today and shipping them off to New York.  I hope they bring warmth to those in need.  

If you want to help, you can take donations to participating yarn stores for Knitting Fever's drive and Knitting Fever will pick up the shipping costs.  (Yay, to Knitting Fever!) Or you can ship them directly (like me) to:

Knitting Fever, Inc
Attn: KFI Sandy Relief
PO Box 336
315 Bayview Avenue
Amityville, NY 11701

The employees at Knitting Fever are busy sorting and then delivering the donations themselves around the Long Island region.  

Again...hats off to Knitting Fever for being such a wonderful company that truly cares!

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Knitting Needle Conversion Charts said...

The hats are adorable, I hope that those who are in need will be delighted to see and feel the care you're showing to them. Indeed, hats off to Knitting Fever!