Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Knitter Magazine Issue 6

The Knitter Magazine Issue 6

The Knitter Magazine Issue 6 is arriving on US newsstands this week. I snagged my copy today! I just love this magazine, it's glossy photos and it's fashion-forward feel!

Romantic knitwear is the theme for Issue 6. Here is a sneak peak of some of my favorite patterns from this issue:

Clarissa Cardigan

The Clarissa Cardigan is reminiscent of a lacy bed jacket from a bygone era. The pattern is by Melody Griffiths and knit in Maggi Knits Maggi's Linen. The body is worked in one piece up to the armholes with a minimum of seams. My kind of knitting!

I think it is very pretty knit without being overly frilly...but then again, I like girlie things!

Small Cape with Pearls

How about this Small Cape with Pearls for a night out on the town or an evening in Paris? It's actually crocheted so this knitter will just be admiring it for now. Yes, The Knitter magazine does occasionally have a crochet pattern in it, too.

The Cape is crocheted in Lang Yarns Opal.

Rhapsody Sweater

The Rhapsody Sweater hearkens me back to the days of Jane Austen with it's empire bust line. If Jane Austen were a knitter this sweater would be her cup of tea!

Designer Jean Moss designed the Rhapsody Sweater. She recommends Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK to give the sweater a luxurious feel.

How to Block Lace

How to Block Lace is an article from The Knitter's Masterclass series by Jane Crowfoot. Jane is a leading UK knitting expert and author of the book Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters.

This knitter is ready to try her hand at lace knitting so I know I will benefit from reading Jane's advice.

If you love the delicate lace wrap in the photo it is Honeysuckle and is in the issue. It is by former Rowan's in-house designer Sarah Hatton. The pattern was taken from Rowan Magazine No. 45. It is delicate lace work so you know it has to be knit in Rowan's Kidsilk Haze.

I really like this issue but then I have always preferred feminine and romantic designs. How about you?

If you pick up Issue 6 of The Knitter...I would love to hear what your favorites are!


Annie said...

WOW I finally got around to buying The Knitter magazine, and I LOVE it! I'm like you--I love feminine designs--and this issue was probably the perfect first issue for me. My favorites from the magazine are the Clarissa Cardigan, the Honeysuckle Shawl, the Frou Frou Girl's Cardigan, and the Garden Plot Counterpane. But I'm pretty sure that I would never be able to knit up the 15,000 meters of yarn the bedspread requires to be finished (haha)! Again, thank you thank you for bringing this magazine to my attention... maybe I would have found it at Border's eventually, and I wish I had gone to the store to see the earlier issues you had mentioned in your blog, but I really appreciate your excellent recommendation. I found these socks on Ravelry: and now I can't wait for issue 7.

Lisette said...

Hi Annie,

The Knitter Issue 7 is out. Have you picked up a copy?

It is filled with more romantic pretty knits!