Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mermaid Net

Mermaid Net

My seaside vacation knitting project has been my Mermaid Net.

My Mermaid Net is a summer shawl to match my Mermaid purse. It will be a perfect light covering for summer evenings back home in California.

Mermaid Netting

My Mermaid Net is from a pattern called "Adding A Little Zing". It is from the book The Yarn Girls Guide to Knits For All Seasons. The pattern is an easy 4 row lace pattern. I am knitting it on #15 needles. It is a quick knit project...perfect for vacation knitting.

I am knitting it in the summery yarn Flotsam by Louisa Harding. The slubby Flotsam yarn really does make it look like a net! It is almost finished now.

I am going to add fringe to my version of the pattern. I might even sew some sea shells on it to remind me of the ocean here.

Mermaid Purse and Net

The Oregon coastline is beautiful as are it's beaches. The Oregon beaches are different than the sunny California beaches of my youth. Visits to the beaches here are cool and grey.

Today we visited historic Nye Beach so I could take some photos of my Mermaid Net out on the rocks. We also visited the touristy shops around the Newport Bay Front and, yes, we bought salt water taffy!

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