Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crafty Biscuit Anyone?

 Mollie Makes Issue Four

There are plenty of tea time treats

I just snagged Issue Four off the cart at Barnes & Noble
a few days ago before it even hit the shelves. 

There is not much knitting or crochet in this issue
but I'm still enjoying this British magazine all the same.

Here's a little look inside:

 A is for Apron

A is for apron and I adore this one!

Yes, it is made in Liberty of London fabric!

This is a sneak peak from Liberty's very first book on sewing called
The Liberty Book of Home Sewing Projects
(This adorable apron is featured on it's cover.)
Do I dare tell my husband, I already want to go back to London
for more Liberty prints?

 B is for Biscuit

B is for biscuit and this issue of Mollie Makes
is all about biscuits and tea time treats!

The cover's sweet biscuits are cute and crafty.  They are designed by Ouissi Gresty.

They are crafted out of felt scraps.  Just a few basic embroidery stitches and voila...
you've got adorable sweet biscuits (with no calories).

Ouissi has an adorable website (appropriately called)
British Cream Tea 
and is also the author of the book Felt Biscuits

 T is for Tea

T is for tea and since Mollie Makes is British...
there are always tea time treats and inspiration
on Mollie's pages.

I really like staying in the know
with the British craft and shopping scene
by reading through the pages of Mollie Makes.

Being a loyal fan of Mollie Makes,
really makes you want to take a trip across the Pond!

Teeny Tiny Purse

I love these Teeny Tiny Purses.  I think they would be fantastic made up in my favorite
Liberty of London prints to hold all my purse change. 

I'm not much of a sewer but there are very clear instructions and detailed diagrams
on how to make these fabric purses. 
I just may have to find the right purse clasp so I can give this sewing project a go! 

The Great British Biscuit

In the spirit of Mollie Makes...
I love supporting artists, crafters and small business.

While having tea in an adorable tea room in London this year,
I fell in love with a tea towel by British illustrator,

I now have an adorable red The Great British Biscuit tea towel
in my American kitchen and used it for the photo styling in this post.

I hope one day Mollie Makes includes Jill in the magazine.  I love her work.

In the meantime...
visit her website or her cute Etsy store Jilltydrawings
and treat yourself to a tea towel.

Mollie would approve!


sheila said...

Cute, cute, cute ideas! I can't decide if I like the apron, tiny purse or biscuits best... We could have a sewing day sometime to make those little purses in no time...

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing the great reviews of this magazine, I too want to make that little clasp purse, I do wish there would be more knitting and crochet in the magazine also.