Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Missoni!

 Missoni Style Stitches

I'm obsessed with Missoni zigzags!

The Missoni For Target line has really inspired me knit
my own Missoni "style" scarves.

 Missoni For Target

Yesterday I went to Target to return a few Missoni items
and look what I found...
the scarf I really wanted! 

I couldn't find this Missoni scarf the day
 Missoni premiered at Target. 
Much to my surprise, there were six of these scarves on the rack. 
 I'm figuring this inventory may not have made the actual
Missoni launch date
 or a shopper caught up in the "Missoni Madness" returned them.

So now I want to knit a Missoni style scarf like this one, too.  I really like its design.  I like how the chevron pattern in color is placed on the bottom of the scarf.

I'm not really sure when I will tackle this project. In the meantime, I'm going through stitch dictionaries, Ravelry and the Internet getting more inspired every day.

Here's why I love Missoni zigzags...

PS:  There is also a Missoni Ravelry Fan Club group on Ravelry
for more Missoni inspired knitting. 

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