Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni Inspired!

 Knit a Missoni Scarf

Now that the "Missoni Madness" at Target is over...
I'm re-evaluating my Missoni For Target purchases. 
Don't get me wrong, I'm still mad for Missoni style...
I'm just not that crazy about the Target quality and colors of the scarves.

So, what's a knitter to do but get her needles out and 
 knit her own Missoni style scarves!

Missoni For Target

I've wanted to knit a Missoni "inspired" scarf for about a year now. 
With all the Missoni madness going on, now seems like the perfect time to get one started. 

I've been planning on knitting Joelle Hoverson's Chevron Scarf
yarn already in my stash that I purchased last year from ImagiKnit in San Francisco for my scarf.

Then I had to go look on Ravelry...

 ZigZag Stripes Scarf

There are a lot of Missoni "inspired" patterns on Ravelry

A few of my favorite chevron scarf designs are:

Sock-It-To-Me in One Skein Wonders

Hmmm, now which one to knit?  I'll probably stay with my first choice in my Koigu yarns
but can't wait to try a few other patterns for more Missoni style!

I hope I've inspired you to knit up your own
Missoni-style scarf
in your favorite colors and yarns...

because you know you...
won't find that at Target!


Jules said...

I read about buyers crashing the website over the Missoni stuff, but I hadn't seen any of it. Oh well! Thanks for hunting down all those links--if the Missoni fever strikes, I'll have them at the ready :o)

Voie de Vie said...

While I'm all about making one for yourself (and I really like the pattern in Luxury One Skein Projects), I do like the one you photographed. Those are some of my favorite colors.

Hillary Manton Lodge said...

The quality and colors - that's why I hesitated on the Missoni for Target line myself. If you're the kind of knit-snob who appreciates Missoni, the Target quality is going to be a deal breaker.

Thanks for posting the pattern links!