Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back to Knitting

 Knitting Break

I've had a five week knitting break since my hand surgery.  
I still have some swelling and soreness in my fingers
and palm where my two incisions are.  

I wasn't quite sure when I would be ready to pick up
the needles again.  
Then the other day, I was at JoAnns and saw a display of
ergonomic products for crafters. 

 Anxious to get back to knitting, 
I bought a pair of Crafter's Comfort Gloves. 
I thought they would be perfect 
for my surgery-hand to help me get back to knitting again.

For the record,
 I did get the "go-ahead" from my physical therapist to knit.
She said "just be sure to set the timer!".

 Ready to Knit

So yesterday, I picked up the needles and began a new project.
As much as I wanted to return to my lovely
Louisa Harding projects,
I felt it best to begin with a basic knit project
since I don't have full range of motion yet with my fingers and hand.

Due to stiffness and soreness...
I wore my new Crafter's Comfort Gloves.
Well, you know the saying...
"fits like a glove".
Well, these sure do!

The compression glove felt comforting on my surgery hand 
and made my incision/palm area feel protected as I knit.
The comfort glove box says they give relief for:
arthritis, hand pain and swelling.  

I was so happy to get back to knitting.
I must say though,
it was not with out moderate pain.
but I did manage to knit a few rounds.

I can report though,
 that after wearing the crafter's compression gloves, 
knitting and doing my hand exercises afterwards,
my hand felt pretty good.  
So, I'm thinking now that a bit of knitting everyday will be good
physical therapy for my fingers and hand now.
And yes, I will set the timer!

Comfort Gloves

I highly recommend Crafter's Comfort Gloves.

They are designed in the USA by an Orthorpedic Surgeon.
They are made of stretchy cotton/spandex and 
provide mild compression and support for knitting.
They provide pain relief to help us crafters keep doing what we love to do!  

I can't wait to put them on again today 
and knit a few rounds! 


Jules said...

You're back! How nice to see your post and hear that you're making a good recovery from the surgery. That Louisa Harding scarf is gorgeous! And looks very cheery next to your gloves. I'll have to remember them if I overdo it on the knitting :o)

Voie de Vie said...

Glad to hear you're back with the sticks! I also appreciate the ergonomic glove review. While I don't have too many repetitive stress issues, I'd like to keep it that way, and a pair of these might be good preventative maintenance.

Isn't LH Knitting Little Luxuries great! I've made a pair of mittens and have placeholders at several other projects.

Min said...

Great news. I had hand surgery and had to wear a rather ugly compression glove for 5 months - yours is much prettier. My therapist always said "little but often" was fine.

Happy knitting

Teresa said...

Very fetching;-) I think the colour is just perfect for spring and how lovely to see you back at the needles. What a pretty colour your yarn is.