Sunday, April 5, 2009

Close-Knit Friendships

Designer Lorna Miser

Today marked the second book signing and trunk show on Lorna's book tour for Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting. It was held at my other LYS Babetta's Yarn & Gifts.

This morning I started reading Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting. I was so touched by Lorna's stories about knitting and her knitting friendships. Then my telephone rang. It was Lorna's good friend Sheila asking me if I would like to go see Lorna today at Babetta's Yarn and Gifts. Of course, I said "yes"!

I met Lorna when I joined the Cameilla Stockinettes, my local knitting guild chapter of TKGA last January. She is also the president. When Lorna found out that I live in Folsom (like her and Sheila) she immediately introduced me to Sheila and said "you've got to knit with us"!

Lorna and Sheila's friendship story is in the book. They met knitting about five years ago at a local coffee shop. Sheila was knitting mittens and having some difficulty. Lorna offered her help and advice. So yes, there is a pattern in the book called Helping Hand Mittens along with the story of how they met.

Today at the book signing, I purchased a book for my knitting friend Ruth. I met Ruth on Ravelry, the online knitting community. I admired one of her projects and we have been emailing ever since. Ruth lives in Oklahoma. I live in California. We do plan on meeting one day. We hope to meet on a special knitting tour maybe even in London or Paris!

As Lorna was signing Ruth's book, I was telling her the story about my friendship with Ruth. Lorna shared that she had a similar knitting friendship with a friend in Mississippi. They eventually did meet and Lorna then realized that her knitting friend had a very Southern accent. Hmmm...
I bet my friend Ruth has an accent, too?

Lorna signing a book
for my special knitting friend Ruth

I love stories about knitting and friendships. Every knitter you meet has a story. Every knitter I know has made wonderful friendships through knitting.

I love the resurgence of knitting. Knitting group get-togethers today are like the quilting bees of my grandmother's era. Now I know why the ladies all gathered around the quilt at quilting bees. It was much more than just quilting. It was about celebrating womens creativity, kinship and friendship.

Thank you for your knitting friendship Ruth! Enjoy your book. It's in the post!

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Ruth said...


Thank you so much. This has absolutely made my day. I am very touched by your kindness and generousity. I feel very blessed to have our friendship and feel the same about you. We are kindred spirits who were lucky to have "found" each other.


P.S I have been told by non-southerners that when I speak, there is a bit of an Okie twang!:-)