Sunday, April 26, 2009

Men's Heavenly Cable Sweater

Allison knitting her
"Heavenly Cable Sweater"

I met Allison last Friday at my favorite LYS Knitique. I was at the knitting table when Allison came in to knit. I could see she was knitting something special so I immediately asked her what she was knitting. She told me it was a sweater from the book Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting. I was pretty excited to see a project being knit from Lorna Miser's new book so I asked Allison to tell me more.

Here is Allison's story:
Allison met Lorna at the book signing party at Knitique a few weeks back. Allison told me she has been going through a difficult time in her life right now. Her husband is on a year long deployment in Iraq amongst other things, too. When she got home that night after meeting Lorna , she sat down and read the entire book...cover to cover.

Men's Heavenly Cable Sweater

Allison says "Lorna's book and it's stories really gave me encouragement". Allison fell in love with the Men's Cable Sweater pattern from the "Appointment in Heaven" story. She is knitting it for her husband for a surprise Christmas present this year. (So's a surprise!) She is knitting it in Cascade 220 Superwash in, of course, a great looking "Army green" color!

Every knitter has a story of how they learned to knit. Like many knitters, Allison's Grandmother, an avid knitter, taught her to knit when she was in junior high. She remembers knitting a sweater back then and never knitting again. A few years back a co-worker nudged her back into knitting and it all came back to her.

This is Allison's first cabled sweater. She loves knitting cables. Allison says " it is her dream with knitting to be as good as her Grandmother". I think you've accomplished that Allison! When your grandmother (who is 92yrs old) sees it...she will be so proud of you!

Your Grandmother's knitting legacy will live on with you...just as Lorna's Grandmother Helen's legacy lives on with her!


sheila said...

What a wonderful story! I hope I get to meet Allison at Knitque, too. Her sweater is coming along beautifully! Sheila

Lisette said...

Yes, Sheila, isn't it wonderful how Lorna's book is inspiring and encouraging other knitters like Allison!
Come and join me anytime at Knitique. Danielle would love that! said...

Wow, that's so sweet! Thank you Allison and Lisette!

Lisette said...

Hi Lorna, Isn't this a great story how your book is inspiring and encouraging others!

Knitting Needle Conversion Charts said...

What a beautiful story! Very inspiring. And that sweater is pretty, with a nice color, so cool! Great accomplishment in knitting Allison, thanks for inspiring us! Thanks Lisette for sharing this wonderful post!