Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lorna Miser is everywhere!

Good Day Sacramento
Sheila Igoe, Reporter & Lorna Miser

Lorna Miser and her new book Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting are everywhere these days!
Her book is flying off the shelves at all my LYS (local yarn stores) national book and craft stores, too! Today she was even on TV! Lorna Miser and her good friend Sheila Igoe (whose mitten story "Helping Hand Mittens" is in the book) were on Good Day Sacramento today chatting about her book.
Lorna and Sheila both did great on was the professionals who kept flubbing up. They just couldn't seem to get both of their names right! That's okay Lorna and Sheila...we know who you are!

Knitting Expert
Lorna Miser
Yes, Lorna was on TV today! Those of us who know her are so excited for her and her book's success!

Knit 'n Style
June 209 Issue
Lorna is not only on TV and in books these days she is a regular featured knitwear designer in national knitting magazines. Look for her in the June 2009 issue of Knit 'n Style magazine on magazine stands now.

Lorna's Helpful Hints!

I am new to knitting in hand dyed yarns so I loved reading Lorna's article on how to knit with hand dyed yarns. Since Lorna is the original founder of Lorna's Laces hand dyed yarns, she certainly knows a thing or two about hand dyed yarns!
For lace knitting in hand dyed yarns, Lorna recommends using colors that don't compete with the lace pattern. I love this advice from Lorna too, "colors that work well with any lace pattern are ones that are monocrohromatic or all the same hue".

Purple Diamonds Please Scarf

Lorna's Purple Diamonds Please scarf is a wonderful lace scarf featured in the magazine. It is a small repetitive diamond pattern knit in Aurora Yarns, Acqurello yarn.

Faith, Hope, Love,Knitting

Congratulations Lorna and Sheila, too!
Enjoy the spotlight!


Knitique Girl said...

Nice post. I dvr'd it so I can watch later today. Looks like they had a great time.

Lisette said...

Hi Knitique Girl,

I know you have known Lorna for a long time so you will love seeing her on TV.

FYI: Your Knitique book signing party has been the best one yet!

Knitique Girl said...

I watched the spot. It was exciting seeing Lorna on tv. You are right. They sure had a problem with names.