Friday, April 10, 2009

My Mom's 1970's Crochet Mini Dress!

My Mom's 1970's
Crochet Mini Dress

Today just happens to be my Mom's birthday. In honor of my Mom, I thought it would be fun to share her 1970's crochet mini dress with you.

Now keep in mind, my Mother did not save this dress. I did. I love the fact that I did not knit or crochet since I was a young girl yet I saved everything we had in our house associated with the needle arts my entire life. Even though I did not knit again until I was in my mid 40's, I know that knitting and crochet were dear to my heart or I would not have saved everything that I have saved all these years.

1970's era mini dress!

Today I asked my Mom where she bought this dress. My Mom said she received it from her mother for Christmas back in the early 1970's. My Mom said "she probably bought it at Goldman's or Joseph Magnin's back then!" My Mom loved the dress but wasn't sure when she would ever wear it. Then the perfect event presented itself, her high school class reunion.

My Mom and Dad
the Chartreuse Mini Dress

I've always loved vintage so I am thrilled that I saved this dress. I think my Mom wore this around 1970 - 1971. It is in remarkable great shape for being stored in a plastic dry cleaner's bag (in a box) out in the garage all these years. I just love it's 1970's chartreuse green color!

Vintage Tarrri Dress Label

The designer dress label says Tarrri (I think). It is 100% wool. It was made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. It must have been hand made. The crochet work is beautiful. The mini dress is 33" in length. And Mom was quite "foxy" in it back in the day!

Crochet Shell Pattern?

I hope you have enjoyed this look back at 1970's fashion and my Mom's mini dress. I am so glad I saved it! Someday I hope to become a better crocheter. I would love to crochet a scarf in this crochet shell pattern in a chartreuse for my Mom to wear and me to borrow!

Maybe an avid crocheter can help me to identify it's shell pattern? I would love any tips or comments!


sheila said...

Wow! Lizette, the dress is beautiful! And so is your mom (and dad :-). thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisette,

I recognise that pattern and there is a dress in Rowan 43 called Hellon ny Marie Wallin, a longer length one than the miniskirt ;) Your Mum's is really lovely, gorgeous colour and so well preserved. BTW just another way we are connected Melanie is a French name from the Greek word meaning black or dark complexion, sadly I have burns and freckles easily celtic complexion.

Lisette said...

Thanks for your nice comments!
Do you crochet?

Lisette said...

Hi Yorkshire Lass,
Thanks for the info on the Rowan Helon dress. It is on Ravlery and is "tres chic"!

I may have a French name but I am fair just like an English Yorkshire girl!

Memory Lane Photography said...

Hi Lisette
I'm from Australia and on the hunt for a dress just like this. Im turning 40 in January and having a 70's disco party - i cant wait !
I want to buy a dress like this. Do you know anyone who can make one just like it ?
Interested to hear from you.
Kind Regards