Saturday, April 4, 2009

Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting

Designer Lorna Miser's new book
Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting

Does the name Lorna sound familiar? If you're a knitter and love yarn, I know it does!

Yes, Lorna is Lorna Miser knitwear designer and the founder/original owner of Lorna's Laces, luxurious hand dyed yarns. She eventually sold Lorna's Laces in 2003 to focus on being exclusivley a knitwear designer.

Lorna wears many hats these days. She is a Designer, Teacher, Creative Director for Aurora Yarns, President of The Camellia Stockinettes (my TKGA local chapter knitting guild) and now a published author with her first book just out; Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting.

Lorna is also a local knitting celebrity around town (Sacramento region, where we both live) and wherever she travels and teaches!

Three Cozy Kittens
(Inspired by 3 Kittens Yarn Shoppe in St. Paul Minnesota)

My LYS Knitique hosted Lorna's first book signing and trunk show last night. Danielle the owner of Knitique has known Lorna for years. What a treat to have Lorna appear at Knitique for her very first book signing.
It was also Knit and Nosh night at Knitique so everyone brought delicious food and desserts. Since I have been on a cupcake roll, I made cupcakes iced in purple (Lorna's favorite color) and a special "Congratulations Lorna" cupcake for Lorna.

Sweet Baby Sweaters

Lorna's new book is so much more than just knitting patterns. It is filled with heart warming stories of the people and friends Lorna has met knitting through life.

There are 24 patterns and each pattern has a name and a special story about the person who inspired the pattern. I especially love Grandma Helen's lace shawl named after her Grandmother Helen.

Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting
In chatting with Lorna at Knitique, 
I asked her how long it took to write her first book. She told me it took her about a year to write it and then another full year to edit it. She is already hard at work on her second book. I can't wait!

For the record...Lorna's first official book signing party was a huge success! Knitique sold out all their books in just one night!

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