Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Congratulations Lorna" Cupcake!

" Congratulations Lorna" cupcake!

Awhile back I lucked out and caught a Martha Stewart segment on how to make marzipan knits for cupcakes with Blogger artist Lauren Ulm. They were adorable! I printed out the directions and tucked them away for a special occasion.

Well that special occasion arrived last week when I found out the Lorna Miser was the special guest at Knitique my LYS for the release of her first book Faith, Love, Hope, Knitting.

Well, let me just say, that Lauren Ulm made it look pretty easy to make little yarn balls out of colored marzipan. I should have known when Martha was having a bit of difficulty making them that I would, too! Nonetheless, I persevered and did make three little marzipan yarn balls in purple (Lorna's favorite color) for her special celebratory cupcake.

I had never worked with marzipan before. Perhaps the next time I try it, I will achieve better results. I will try it again...sometime.

Designer Lorna Miser

Lorna was touched that I made a special "Congratulations Lorna" cupcake for her to celebrate her first book. That was all that mattered!

Please let me know if you attempt any knit marzipan decorations. I would love to know how yours turn out!


Ruth said...

What a treat to have Lorna as a local celebrity! The book sounds wonderful and the cupcakes look yummy! How nice of you to make them. What a wonderful evening!

Lisette said...

Yes, Ruth it was quite a knitting event. I wish you could have joined us!

heartgirl said...

Hi Lisette,
I was just searching for that Louisa Harding Boucle and low and behold I found you. I had to tell you the cupcakes not only looked wonderful, but they tasted delicious! You have a great talent and you sure know how to take fun pictures. It was nice seeing you Friday and hopefully we'll see each other at another knitting event at Knitique. Thanks for all the compliments on my brocade blazer - it is one of my favorites.

Lisette said...

Diane, I am so glad you found me!
It was great sitting with you at Knitique Friday night,too. It was such a fun party for Lorna!

I think you need to knit some fingerless gloves for your brocade blazer. Then you will look just like you stepped out of that Vogue Knitting magazine!

heartgirl said...

Yes - the fingerless gloves. I must find a pattern that doesn't involve too much thinking! Gave the throw to my niece this afternoon. She just loved it and says that she can't wait to couch nap with it. I need to get going on my bundle of scarves and I believe one must be made out of your boucle.