Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vintage Crochet Mini Dresses

Vintage Crochet Mini Dresses

My Mom's 1970's crochet mini dress got a lot of attention. Thanks for all the nice comments here and on Ravelry.

Besides knitting I have an obsession for collecting vintage knitting and crochet patterns. I knew I had some "mod" patterns from the 60's and 70's so I went looking through them today. Can you believe I had this pattern which is pretty darn close to my Mom's dress?

The vintage pattern is Big & Little Crochets, Leaflet # 2519, by Columbia-Minerva. (Original price, 35 cents.) I can not find a date on it but it appears to be from the same era, the early 1970's. The hot pink dress is pattern # V-15 and the turquoise dress is # V-16.

The pattern for the pink dress can be found on Ravelry or at Vintage Creations for free.


Ruth said...

Hi Lisette,
The Spring/Summer '09 Vogue Knitting magazine has a fun "feather and fan" knit dress. Your mum's dress is very stylish!

Lisette said...

Hi Ruth,

I checked out that "feather and fan" dress in Vogue...I think you should make it!

You would look great in it!

Kristin Joy said...

I like vintage fashion and those mini dresses are looking so nice...