Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lorna Miser: Local Girl Makes Good!

Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting

Lorna Miser, local girl makes good is today's headline!

Today marked Lorna's local book stop # 4 for Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting at Sierra Knitting Co. in Cameron Park, CA. As usual there was a great turn out for the book signing and trunk show. One lady from Seattle was visiting the area and was thrilled to meet Lorna and get the book autographed for a special friend back home.

Lorna Miser
Local Girl Makes Good

Lorna lived in the Sierra Foothills for 25 years so she is well known and loved in this area. Everyone is so excited for Lorna, our local girl, making good with the success of her first book. Lorna's publishers are thrilled, too! In just a few short weeks Lorna's book made #13 on the Best Sellers List for craft books. Way to go Lorna!

Heart Pillow

I love the heart warming stories in Lorna's book. Debi Padlicki the owner of Sierra Knitting took a cue from the Heart Pillow in the book and made a purple heart shaped cake for Lorna. If you haven't noticed already...purple is Lorna's favorite color.

Lorna Miser & Debi Padlicki

Knitting isn't just about yarn, patterns and needles. Knitting is also about friends, conversation and heart warming stories. At today's event we all gathered around Debi's big round table and enjoyed knitting stories. I loved the story that Lorna told. Debi opened her shop about three years ago, and before her shop was officially opened, Lorna pushed a note through the door wishing Debi good luck and success. That's a knitter for you!

Sierra Knitting Co.

Debi's store is really cute. I love all the purses she has hanging around the shop. 
A few months back, 
I took a felted purse class from Debi and loved it. 

2012 Update:
Sadly Debi's store is now closed. 
You can find Debi Padlicki designing patterns now though. 


Lornaknits@yahoo.com said...

Another beautiful post Lisette. Your photography is spectacular. Thank you for all the kind words and support!

Lisette said...

Thank you Lorna!

Have fun on the next link of your tour in Lodi and Campbell this week.